Activate Tag

Please activate your tag here


Return Item

Please report a found item here

Simple and Convenient


Attach your retreev tag to your bag or luggage

Tap or scan your QR code with your mobile phone or enter your unique code at

Complete your contact details.

Efficient Process


Add your mobile and email details to be contactable.

No additional costs or annual subscriptions. Once activated your item is protected for life!

Easy to


NFC - finder taps the tag on their smart phone

QR code - finder scans the tag on their smart phone

Unique ID - finder enters the ID on

Airport ground staff/finder reports your missing luggage or bag to retreev.

Quick to


Receive messages with the finders contact details.

When your item is reported found at, you'll receive the finder contact details via sms text and email. You can connect with the Finder and arrange to retreev your lost item.

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